OpenGL 4.5 Tutorial

While trying to port my voxel-engine to GPU and simultaneously learning OpenGL 4.5, I wrote a short, but very detailed tutorial. Well, detailed with regard to OpenGL 4.5, as I assume that the reader is already familiar with everything else. For most GL related library calls I explain why I made it; describe what it does; and provide a link to its documentation. Where necessary, I also explain each of the call’s parameters. companying text will give you a thorough understanding of the OpenGL 4.5 API used in the program. The posts in the tutorial are listed below.

Tutorial Posts

Other tutorials

Other (and often more typical) OpenGL tutorials can be found using the links below. All those tutorials use the OpenGL’s binding based API, rather than Direct State Access. — An extensive 3D-programming tutorial that uses OpenGL 3.3+. Requires little prior knowledge, as it explains everything from compiling your program to 3D algebra. Unfortunately, the more complicated (and thus more interesting) OpenGL code snippets are often not explained. It uses GLFW for context creation and GLEW for loading the OpenGL API.

OpenGL 4.x example using SDL2 and GLM — A sample program (not a tutorial). I used this as a starting point. Unfortunately, it has minimal documentation.

OGLdev modern OpenGL tutorial — An extensive OpenGL tutorial. Relies on the provided zip-file with source code. Uses the non-free library glut for context creation and GLEW for API loading.

Swiftless’ OpenGL 4 tutorial — Uses the Microsoft Windows API for context creation, which makes the resulting code non-portable. For loading the OpenGL API it uses GLEW. The tutorial wraps stuff in classes, which makes it more difficult to follow. It also seems to be incomplete.